Who Am I

JV Head Pic Alpha[pullquote align=”right”]I believe that as we each awaken to our unique worth and value we empower ourselves to live a thriving, successful, happy life. When the world is filled with people who know the truth of their being we will all be living in peace, with purpose, following our passion. [/pullquote]

My name is Juliet Vorster and I’m a transformer.

I inspire and motivate people globally to awaken and embrace their essential worth and value so that they can come alive to their passion and purpose thereby empowering them to create a thriving, happy, healthy life doing what they love.

I believe that anyone can achieve the life of their dreams no matter what they have experienced in life. Each one of us has a story (or two) about what has happened to us and why we can’t have what we really want. Those stories are things that we have (subconsciously) made up based on things we learnt from our environment growing up. They are not true.

I teach simple principles, processes and practices that inspire and motivate people to create new stories, release old, redundant beliefs and embrace their essential worth and value no matter what the past has taught them.

I believe in you 100%

No matter what you have done or had done to you, regardless of how low or high you have been, I know that your birthright is happiness, health, prosperity, friendship, joy, peace and love. These are not things you have to earn or achieve or deserve. They are your essence. When you awaken and embrace this truth you become empowered to create the life of your dreams, to live an ‘on purpose’ life doing what you love.

Are you ready to live the life of your dreams?

Even if you have some doubts, if you are here then the ‘more’ of life if calling you and it is not a call you can ignore. To paraphrase the late Susan Jeffers, it’s time to feel the fear and do it anyway. The great thing is you can get started today and all it will cost is a little of your time.

lets get started

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You may not have met me yet, so you may be wondering who I am and why you should listen to me.

Fair question I think. I am a specialist in the field of human potential. I have studied for years with many great teachers, some you may of heard of, others you may not, but they have all been great. I have learned many amazingly simple techniques and tools that enable people to change how and what they think so that they can live a life free from things that keep them stuck.

I am passionate about inspiring and motivating change in people so that they can live a thriving life.

I have also studied Consciousness, Spirituality, World Religions, Meditation, Psychology, TFT (Thought Field Therapy aka Tapping), Breathwork, Quantum Physics, Nutrition, Stress Management, Life Coaching, Public Speaking, Personal Development, Energy Healing, Mind-Body Connection. I am an ordained trans-denominational multi-faith Minister, a Usui Reiki Master Teacher, a Corporate Stress Councillor, a Transformation Success Coach and a wife.

In my previous life I have served in the British Royal Navy, had a 20+ year career in printing, publishing and document management, working with FTSE 100 companies, I started my first company when I was 24 and I have been meditating since I was 16.

In 2001 I had a nervous breakdown, and that was the best gift of my life. You can read all about that life changing experience in this post.