Back to Basics

In this weeks show I take us back to some of the basic ideas surrounding consciously creating our health, wealth and life.

Our thoughts create our experiences.

In the Christian Gospels it says that, “In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God and the word was God.” In the ancient Toltec teachings we hear that everything we speak is ‘Intent’, that our words have creative power. When we look into every wisdom tradition, ancient and modern, there is some form of similar teaching.

The words we use, whether spoken out or simply repeated inside our heads, are creating the experience we have. These are coupled with our subconscious thoughts, the beliefs we have learned, overtly or subtly and the collective consciousness of thoughts in our social situation.

There are many different ways that we can access the subconscious mind, one of my favourite ways is creative visualisation. One of the very best books on the subject is written by Shakti Gawain, entitled Creative Visualization. It’s a great place to start, to build your own personal practice and to allow access to that hidden part of the brain.

Listen to the show here:

Practice, Persistence, Patience

Grow new muscles that help you discover who you really are at a deeper level.

Meditation is a cornerstone of personal and spiritual development. It is something that needs the 3Ps, it’s not something that comes naturally to a mind that is thinking 75,000 thoughts a day. If you are new to meditation or you struggle with it, make sure you have already downloaded the free track from the start here page. If you are looking for something more, be sure you have signed up on the right to get access to my free training and a free weekly meditation track delivered directly to your in-box.

This weeks show even includes a 5 minute relaxation guided meditation. Do not listen to that segment whilst driving or operating machinery.

We also discuss affirmations, gratitude and travelling on the journey.

As always the glue that holds the show together is the music, brought to us by wonderfully gifted musicians.

This week we are blessed by the musical talents of:

Kit Holmes, ‘What UR’ from the album ‘It’s A New Day‘. Connect with Kit here.

Margaret Owens, ‘Change Is The Nature of Creation’ from the album ‘Gettin’ Comfortable In My Skin‘. Connect with Margaret here.

Melissa Phillippe, ‘Here In The Present’ from the album ‘A Chants To Love’. Connect with Melissa here.

Stefan Mitchell, ‘Lean Into Me’ from the album ‘Perfect Mystery‘. Connect with Stefan here.

The meditation music is a track called Spa Music that I purchased some years ago from an online copyright free music provider.




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