Be Still and Know

meditazioneIn the stillness we can hear the small whispering voice of our inspiration, or inner knowing. In this week’s Monday Meditation you have the perfect opportunity to be still and get to know that whispering voice.

Whatever questions you may have about your life, your health, or your future–the answers already exist within you on a deep level. In the stillness and quiet of mindful meditation you can access that whispering voice that knows all.


It’s sometimes hard to tell the difference between the voice of your ego and the voice of your souls deep knowing. As you practice being still and quiet you will build a new relationship with that deep voice. As you do, you will come to realise that the lover of your soul never puts you down, causes you to doubt yourself, or creates fear. Rather, it lifts you up, raises and praises you, and inspires you to achieve new and greater heights of well-being and wholeness.

You are the secret ingredient

In the kids movie Kung Fu Panda the hero’s dad makes a secret ingredient soup. As the movie unfolds we learn that there is no secret ingredient in the soup. We also discover that the ancient scrolls that contain all the mystical answers to life, sought by the villain, are in fact a mirror, reflecting back the image of the viewer.

From this we deduce that each one of us has all that we seek within us. Our opportunity is in discovering that fact and then being willing to embrace and embody it. After all, it is so much easier to look for our solutions from the outside; to blame others, to give away our power, to let others lead. Yet ultimately we are the secret ingredient. Everything we seek exists within us already. Taking full and complete responsibility for our own well-being can be scary. Releasing blame, guilt and shame can be challenging. All I can tell you is that in my life, the journey is worth the challenge. Day by day my life gets more magnificent. I fall more deeply in love with myself and my life.

A little extra for you…

Each week I present a radio show called Beyond Beliefs, on Natural Health Radio. Here is the Valentine’s Day special. I hope it will help you fall more deeply in love with yourself. You are enough, you are loved, and you are worthy and deserving of living a thriving life.

Listen to this week’s meditation track here.



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