Do you give yourself permission to relax and rest?

Monday Meditation is forever changed as Facebook has added LIVE to pages as well as personal profiles. This is a great thing for me, as I can make my Meditation for Health and Wellbeing page a focal point for all

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Monday Meditation is Back!!

Meditation is a cornerstone in my life It’s been a while. I thought I was back as the new year started, but, as it happens, not so much. But I’m here now. It’s been a strange time. One of profound

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What happened to Monday Meditation?

Social Media Meditating Monday Meditation went fully video when Facebook started their live-stream option. In truth it was rather a while after they started, it took me a bit of time to catch up.  🙂  It has taken me even

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What ripples are you sending out?

  Just like the pebble, every time you touch down you create ripples. Every time you speak to a random stranger; every time you hold a dear friend as they weep; every time you laugh with a work colleague, you

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Evolution or Revolution – It’s All Change

Are You Willing to Change? It’s a question I ask myself regularly; and sometimes the first answer is a resounding, “No!” Then I take a look at what’s really going on, I breathe, I meditate, and eventually I’ll get to

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Everything you seek is within you

Whether consciously or not, we are constantly giving our consent to something. We are either in alignment with health or lack of health, abundance or lack of abundance, peace or lack of peace. Which are you choosing? More importantly, would

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Call Now to book your appointment

Thank you for saying ‘Yes’ to deeper relaxation along with all the health benefits that come with a relaxed body and a quiet mind. Call 023 9250 4403 now to book your 30 minute appointment with me, Juliet Vorster. Appointments

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Let’s create a world that works for all

Imagine a world where every belly is full, every head has a safe roof above it, every hand is held, every heart knows love. Imagine a world where there is only peace, compassion, inclusion, acceptance, and love. Imagine a world

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Be Still and Know

In the stillness we can hear the small whispering voice of our inspiration, or inner knowing. In this week’s Monday Meditation you have the perfect opportunity to be still and get to know that whispering voice.

Whatever questions you

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Detox Your Mind

Every Breath is a Full Body Detox Your body is a living miracle. Every time you breathe the cells of your body are deeply nourished and their waste is removed–that’s awesome, right?! With this week’s #MondayMeditation you get to engage

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