Conscious breathing can change your life

Doctor Andrew Weil says that ten minutes of daily conscious breathing can significantly improve physical and mental health.


In today’s meditation I offer a simple breathing process that will bring your attention to the breath. I also invite some new awareness for your 2014 intentions as we dive headlong into a new year.


My intention for 2014 is to play a bigger game and to bring my teachings to a wider world. To that end my first book will soon be released. “Igniting Success Beyond Beliefs: How to get from where you are to your greatest yet to be” is in the last stages of editing and production and I am excited to be bringing it to you next month. I will be launching pre-orders with some very special offers soon, so keep an eye on your inbox next week.

Front Cover Final

This book has been a great teaching tool for me, and I know it will help you and the people that you work with.

Remember to breathe.



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