Detox Your Mind

Detox Your Mind

Every Breath is a Full Body Detox

Your body is a living miracle. Every time you breathe the cells of your body are deeply nourished and their waste is removed–that’s awesome, right?! With this week’s #MondayMeditation you get to engage your conscious imagination and intentionally detox your physical body, and your mental/emotional body and the same time.

It’s good to let stuff go; whether it’s from your mind, your wardrobe, or your kitchen cupboards. Sometimes stuff has simply passed it’s usefulness and it needs releasing. As you listen to this week’s meditation open your mind and heart with a new willingness. Be willing to let go of the thoughts, feelings, memories, and hurts that no longer serve you. It’s time to set yourself free of the mental and emotional clutter you have collected. It no longer serves you. With the space that’s created you can start to build a greater vision for yourself and your life. You deserve to be free, it’s your birthright.

Make time to listen to this guided journey regularly, it’s only 7 minutes of your life, you’re worth it.


What would life be like if you felt Wonderful, Healthy, Opulent, Liberated, and Empowered more of the time?

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