Do you give yourself permission to relax and rest?

Monday Meditation is forever changed as Facebook has added LIVE to pages as well as personal profiles. This is a great thing for me, as I can make my Meditation for Health and Wellbeing page a focal point for all things meditation.

To be honest, as you are visiting on my website, it probably won’t make much difference to you. You can watch the meditation by clicking here.

You can listen to an mp3 of the meditation here.

Please don’t listen, or watch this, whilst you’re driving or operating machinery, it is deeply relaxing – it does what it says on the tin. 🙂

How often do you give yourself permission to rest, relax, or do nothing?

If the answer is, “Not very often”, why is that? What did you learn about resting whilst you were growing up? What did you see modelled by the adults around you? Do you measure your worth by your productivity and output? How’s that working for you?

Rest, including sleep, is essential to health, mental clarity, and overall wellbeing. Getting rest is no different to eating a good meal–it’s nourishing to your body. I invite you to contemplate where your current beliefs come from, and consider the possibility that you could change them. Your worth and value is inherent; it’s your very essence. Release old limiting beliefs about ‘pushing through’, and instead take time to relax, rest, and sleep when that is what your body is telling you it needs.

Listening to this guided relaxation will take you deep, you may even want to listen to it as you drift off to sleep for the night.

Affirmation: I give myself permission to rest and relax deeply.

Until next time, all my love,





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