Love Yourself Now Guided Meditation

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The paradox for change is that it can only happen when we accept ourselves right where we are now. This gentle guided journey will lead you down the path of self acceptance and self love so that you can start the process of awakening and embracing your essential worth and value. Then you can really get cooking with creating the life of your dreams.

My gift to you

I know that creative visualisation and guided imagery are some of the best tools for transformation that we have in the toolbox. Which is why this track is here for you for free.

It only works if you do

Here’s the thing – I can give you all these awesome tools and I can tell you what to do with them until I’m blue in the face, but unless and until you take action, nothing is going to change. Got it?

You have to do the work of downloading, adding it to a play list on your iPod and actually listening to it. Do it now and start the journey to self acceptance and love.

Remember, the only persons work you can do is yours. You can’t change anyone else, no matter how much you want to and how much you think they ‘should’. You are the only person you need to work on, just like I can’t get you to change, I can only offer the tools and the encouragement.

Lets make a deal

I’ll keep doing my work on me so that I can continue to bring you more and more awesome inspiration and motivation, if you start doing your work on you so that you can take another step towards soaring self belief and the life of your dreams.

So down load the file, put it somewhere you can listen to it easily and frequently, plug your ears in and get going.

I believe in you, I already know that you are perfectly magnificent and capable of achieving everything you want in life, so it’s time to take action and JFDI.



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