Dream Your Life Awake

Realms of Painted Dream

If your Wishes were Already Fulfilled what would your life look and feel like?

If your body was the perfect shape and size?
If you had the perfect amount of money in your bank account?
If you were in an intimate relationships with the partner of your dreams?
If you woke up every morning excited to be alive?
If the work and service you did everyday delighted and fulfilled you?
If your body was vibrantly healthy in every cell?
If you felt relaxed, peaceful and content every day?
If you were totally loving, accepting, and compassionate about yourself?

I could go on with all kinds of things, feelings, experiences, etc. If your life was exactly as you would love it to be, exactly as you dream it being, what does it look, taste, sound, smell, and feel like and how do you feel emotionally?

There is an immense proven power within you. When you harness great feelings–such as gratitude, appreciation, joy, and love–amplify them and then focus your intention on what you would love to experience. When your thoughts and feelings are in harmony you have the ability to create whatever you seek.

Dr Joe Dispenza talks about this experiment in his current ‘Make Your Mind Matter’ training available via Hay House:

dnaAs an experiment, scientists got together a group of people who were really good at praying. First they were invited to focus all their attention on some test tubes containing DNA, and see them winding and unwinding the strands. When the DNA was checked, nothing had happened.

Next they were invited to get into an altered state of consciousness, elevating themselves into gratitude, joy, and love. Once again, nothing happened to the DNA.

Finally, they were invited to get into the elevated state of consciousness, and once there, to see the DNA strands unwinding. On this occasion, 25% of the DNA had changed it’s structure.

Why am I telling you this? Because you have the same power. You can feel happier, more grateful, more in love with life. Then you can focus your intention and attention on the life of your dreams.

In this week’s guided journey I invite you to do just that. Follow my voice as I guide you into the life of your dreams, feeling the elevated feelings of joy, appreciation, and deeper love. You can dream your life awake; if you will be in a persistent state of practice and remain patient with the results.

Keep acting and feeling as if your dreams are already fully manifest in your life. Release the old habits and patterns of behaviour, and place your attention, energy, and focus on being delighted with your new experience. Even when it is glaringly obvious that your dreams are not yet laid out before you. Don’t turn back. Keep your focus. You can do this.

NB – I am absolutely committed to making this year my quantum leap year, and I’m inviting you to join me. No matter what it is that you want to achieve–this is the year. I’m up-levelling everything I do, and that includes taking Beyond Beliefs, my weekly radio show, onto a video platform, and transforming more Monday Meditations into videos.

In the next few weeks I’ll be announcing a brand new way of working with me so that you can grow yourself in new ways and achieve the life you dream of. Keep an eye on your in-box. This is the year, we are the people, it’s time to shine. 🙂



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