Everything you seek is within you

Within each of us

Whether consciously or not, we are
constantly giving our consent to something.

We are either in alignment with health or lack of health, abundance or lack of abundance, peace or lack of peace. Which are you choosing? More importantly, would you like to get better at choosing ‘more’ rather than choosing ‘lack’

Life happens to, through, and for us. Sometimes things we have no direct control of come along and knock us sideways for a bit. That is the natural order of things. The challenge isn’t so much that we get knocked sideways. The challenge is in how well we are able to get back to centre and continue with life from a place of harmony and wholeness.

It may seem strange to imagine that, on some unconscious level, we are giving our permission to be knocked sideways. None of us would consciously choose to lose a loved one, get really sick, or live a life of pain and suffering. Yet as infinite and eternal beings of consciousness, that’s what’s happening. Just as some people love to watch horror movies, or films packed with, what I call: ‘murder, death, kill’, some people live lives of constant drama and struggle. It’s not good or bad, right or wrong. It just is.

Whilst I have never been someone to watch horror or slasher movies, I did used to be someone living in constant drama. My life was forever lurching from one disaster to another. Always feeding my lack of self-worth and my self-image of un-deservability. Of course if someone in the early days had told me that I was in any way co-creating those dramas I’d have invited them to go forth and multiply, or more likely, I’d have punched them in the nose. Thus adding to the drama.

As we grow in consciousness, and start to realise that we are so much more than our physical body suitcases, it becomes easier to accept that we consent to ‘more’ or we consent to ‘lack’. We are the creative force in our lives. We create our lives through our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, perceptions, and imagination. And you don’t have to believe me. You are so creative that you get to imagine your life as victim or victor. Just as your choice of movie is up to you, so is what you decide to create in your life. However, when I was living in struggle I was depressed, miserable, and filled with self-loathing. Whilst those thoughts and feelings sometimes knock on my door, I now have strategies to counter them. I better understand that they are a moment when doubt and fear have returned, and I get to chose if I stay there or if I move.

In this week’s guided meditation I invite you to take a journey with me. Relax into a parallel universe where all thought forms are immediately creative. Let your mind become child like and allow your imagination to move you into a deeper awareness of your own eternal nature. Give your consent to greatness and wholeness.

Click here to listen to this week’s guided journey.

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