Evolution or Revolution – It’s All Change

Evolution or Revolution

Are You Willing to Change?

It’s a question I ask myself regularly; and sometimes the first answer is a resounding, “No!” Then I take a look at what’s really going on, I breathe, I meditate, and eventually I’ll get to a tentative, “Yes”.

Whether you are currently in a place of yes or no, change is inevitable. What usually causes the problems in our lives is our resistance to change, or wanting things to be other than they are. Have you ever found that to be true in your life? It sure has been in mine over the years.

Today I find myself at a crossroads. The inspiration for my life is changing. Whilst I’m still deeply passionate about personal and spiritual growth, I’m also passionate about health related nutrition and feeding people. Thrown into the mix, I am also claiming my truth as a singer songwriter (something I’d given up on until very recently). As I draw close to completing my fifth decade on the planet I find myself in an evolutionary stage in  my life. If I stay at peace with it, and allow the changes to happen, I feel great. Sometimes I fall into resistance, that’s when it feels more like a revolution taking place within my body, mind, and emotions. Have you ever noticed that change is all the same thing–what makes the difference is our reaction or response to it.

The first step in the next evolution

As a result of my evolution Monday’s are all different now. Each week you’ll still have access to a relaxing guided meditation; and you will also have access to the podcast of my weekly radio show, Beyond Beliefs. This airs on Natural Health Radio.

In addition, as the weeks roll on, I’ll be bringing you recipes, videos, and fresh opportunities to invest in yourself from a Body, Mind, and Spirit perspective. I truly don’t fully know where the adventure will take us yet; but I’m excited and fired up for the next chapter.

Beyond BeliefsBB Logo New 600 x 600

I have been creating and recording radio show for many years now. The latest iteration is Beyond Beliefs. Taken from my book title, Igniting Success Beyond Beliefs. Each week I deliver awesome New Though music and a conversation on a specific topic that’s close to my heart or that’s come up during the week as an opportunity for growth and learning for one of my clients. I love being able to introduce my audience to amazing inspiring music as well as having the chance to share some of my experiences.

This weeks show is entitled ‘What Meaning Are You Making?’ Click the link to listen now. As the title suggests, we explore the possibility that you get to make up the meanings for everything you experience in your life–and you can change them. The show lasts an hour. There are three relevant musical interludes. This week they are provided by Gary Lynn Floyd, Annie Sims, and my great friends Lisa Ferraro and Erika Luckett.

All the singers and bands I play are independent artists who rely on our support to produce their music, so I you hear something you like, please buy it. Your investment in them allows them to keep on giving their awesome gifts to us.

Meditation, Mindfulness and Creative Imaginisation

Meditation is the cornerstone of my personal practice, so I still want to bring you some deep relaxation and opportunity for subconscious change. The tracks I produce may change a little week by week, but the essence remains. I hope you continue to enjoy these short guided journeys.

This week it’s a heart opening relaxation. Allow yourself to know that deep healing is moving through you as you listen to this guided imaginisation. Click here to listen.

Food for wholeness, health and vibrant life

If you follow me on Facebook it would be easy to believe that my entire life is spent swanning around the world eating. 😛

You may not know that I used to be significantly overweight and addicted to junk food. A few years ago I had a health scare that prompted me to look at alternative ways of healing from cancer (no I didn’t have it, but it made me think). My extensive research took me to whole food, plant based nutrition, which I now live by 80% of the time. Pint of Life

A big part of that was juice and smoothies. On another occasion we can discuss the various pros and cons, but for now let me just say that it changed my life. Perhaps you’ve seen one of my “Pint Of Life” pics on Facebook; here’s a recent one–it’s beetroot that makes it go brown!
I have a juice or a smoothie as part of my nutrition plan almost everyday when I’m home, and as much as I can when I’m travelling.

Here’s a smoothie recipe for you if you have a NutriBullet or similar blender:

2 cm Cucumber chopped
3 cm Celery chopped7 Raspberries
3 large Strawberries chopped
2/3 thin slices of Ginger (add more or less to your taste)
2 slices of Lime or Lemon (remove the rind)
handful of  raw Spinach roughly chopped
half teaspoon of Chia Seeds
2 heaped teaspoons of Hemp Seeds
add enough Coconut Water to just about cover ingredients
Blend until smooth – if it’s too thick for your preference then add a little more coconut water and blend some more.

This will look surprising green, but will taste yummy and be packed full of protein, calcium, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients.

Enjoy, and let me know how you get on with this recipe. I’d love to hear your favourite juice and smoothy recipes.
Living plant strong has really changed how I feel and the choices I make about my health. I look forward to sharing more of this adventure on my website Living Life Lighter. This site is currently being redesigned to focus more on health as well as weight-loss.

Next steps…

I really am super excited about what is unfolding. In the next few months there will be more travel, more workshops, more book signings, and lots more free content design to uplift, inspire, motivate and model.

Thank you for being part of my tribe from the small beginnings.  As I step out into the world in a bigger way, I look forward to staying connected with you, and sharing our journeys.

All my love,

J x



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