It’s Okay to Change Your Mind

Actually, if you really want to achieve your fullest potential, it’s essential that you change you mind–'s time to Change Your Mind meme small

Perhaps, like me, you were raised believing that changing your mind was not a good thing. I’m here to tell you something different. Not only is changing your mind and excellent thing to do, it’s absolutely essential if you want to optimise your gifts and talents.

We humans (and probably every other sentient being on the planet) have this amazing thing called neuroplasticity. It basically means that our brains are like modelling clay–at all ages. When we think different things, we change the neural pathways in our brain. We are literally changing our minds.

Even when it feels like there’s a ten person committee having a meeting in your head, it’s really all you; you are the only thinker in your mind and as you change your mind you change the experiences you have in the world.

I’ll be speaking about this more in this week’s episode of Beyond Beliefs, but in the mean time here’s this week’s Monday Meditation and Mindfulness track, to help you change your mind. 🙂

It’s okay to allow change to take place in your life. You are safe. It’s also okay to be willing to release some of the old thoughts and beliefs, making space for new ones. You deserve to live your most thriving, joyous, abundant life–to fulfill your personal potential. It starts with changing your mind.

Wishing you a spectacular week.  😆





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