Let’s create a world that works for all


Imagine a world where every belly is full, every head has a safe roof above it, every hand is held, every heart knows love.

Imagine a world where there is only peace, compassion, inclusion, acceptance, and love.

Imagine a world where health care and education are free to all who need or want it.

Imagine a world where every being knows their innate worth, value, wholeness, and magnificence.

This week’s Monday Meditation is all about us coming together to create this world. We already know that where one or more are gathered there is huge power. Let this be the time when all of us gather in this guided journey to co-create the world we want to live in.

I have just returned from an amazing gathering of spiritual leaders from around the world. The vision of this group is to create a world that works for everyone. It’s a lofty vision and there are many interpretations to what it might look like; I have given you my view in the invitation above.

Our imagination really is that powerful. If we were all to spend ten minutes everyday focusing and feeling into this vision I know it will become a reality all the more quickly. Share it with your friends. Bring groups together to envision in community. Let the power of your imagination ignite the next step in the shift in global human consciousness.

Yes! Your imagination is that powerful.

Yes! You deserve to live in this kind of world.

Yes! You are innately worthy, deserving, whole, and magnificent.




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