Relax Deeply with these 20 Meditation Tracks

MMC1 3D Box and DiscIn this CD you will find 20 deeply calming tracks.

Each one offering you an opportunity
to unlock the subconscious mind
and experience a shift in consciousness.

These tracks offer almost 2 hours of listening,
and endless opportunities for personal growth.

JV_Headshot_editedHi, this is Juliet, and I just wanted to let you know that I have been meditating for over 30 years. I got started when I was just 16, and the practise (in many forms) has become an important cornerstone of my life. Everyday I take time to quiet my mind, relax my body, and connect to my Source. I know my day works better when I take that time for myself.
I have been teaching meditation, and leading groups for over a decade. All of my experience is expressed in these tracks. I know if you listen to them regularly they will make a massive difference in your life.

You deserve to live in a peaceful mind and a calm, relaxed body. You are worth it.

Here are the 20 track titles:

1. Abundance Shower    2. Agreements for Life    3. Heart Opening
4. I Am Enough   
5. I Am Healed    6. Infinite Supply
7. Open Your Mind    8. Quantum You   
9. Relax Deeply
10. Releasing Perfectionism    11. Sleep in Peace    12. Stress Busting

13. The Infinite Now    14. The Power of I Am    15. Time to Let Go
16. Unstoppable You   
17. Wash Away Worry    18. Who Am I?
19. Willing to Change    20. Yes! I Deserve

MMC1 3D Box and Disc

All this for only £14.95 £7.95

Buy Now and download to
start relaxing within minutes.

Here’s what one listener says:

“I could listen to your meditations every day, Juliet! You have an Incredible, soothing, nurturing, calm-inducing voice. Thank you!” ~ Lisa Hardwick

If you’ve not heard one of my meditation tracks before, click here to get a feeling for the energy these 20 tracks bring you.

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There are countless benefits to developing a regular Meditation practise. With these 20 tracks you can get started right away. Most tracks are between 5 and 6 minutes long, the longest is only 7 minutes. Start reaping the benefits of regular mediation immediately, buy this CD and have all 20 tracks downloaded within minutes.

MMC1 3D Box and Disc

Why wait, and let more stress build up.
All that tension in your body is effecting your immune system,
your circulation, and much more.
Buy now and be relaxing deeply within minutes.

Buy Now for only £14.95 £7.95

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