Monday Meditation is Back!!

Meditation is a cornerstone in my life

It’s been a while. I thought I was back as the new year started, but, as it happens, not so much. But I’m here now.
It’s been a strange time. One of profound metamorphosis. I’m not finished yet, but at least I’m starting to fly again. 🙂 

I had been doing a Monday Meditation on Facebook, since last July, following on from the Heal Your Life teacher training, but about a month ago I was struck down with a chest infection that left me with no voice and a really bad cough, which lingered. I know not everyone is on Facebook, and I really want as many people as possible to see these videos, so I’m finally back to blogging and sending emails to my amazing tribe.

Here’s this week’s #MondayMeditationLive from Facebook:

In this guided journey I take you into deep relaxation, and invite you into a healing stream. I never know what’s going to reveal when I start leading a meditation, it’s always a divine channel that I open to. If you want to connect to this page on Facebook so that you can see these weekly videos live, then click here. Remember to LIKE the page and make sure that you are receiving LIVE feed notifications.

Meditation is a cornerstone in my life. It’s an essential part of my daily spiritual practice. The health and well-being benefits are many and varied, as well as the improved connection to Source and the constant stream of diving wellbeing that we are all connected to.

Do you meditate, other than watching this video?

Is it something that you find difficult?

Is it something that you would be interested in learning more about?

Let me know your thoughts. Either email me, or post on Facebook below this link.

It feels good to be back. I’m back in a whole new way, which I’m excited to discover, I hope you’ll join me on the next chapter of our adventure.

All my love,



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