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The Metaphysical Motivator radio show started airing on One World Radio in 2010. Each week Juliet brings her blend of practical wisdom and ancient spiritual philosophy to inspire and motivate people the world over to embrace their essential worth and value and transform their lives.

Every show is wrapped with wonderfully inspiring music from the very best spiritual entertainers in the world. If you enjoy the music you hear in these shows please follow the links and buy the original music. Most of the musicians on this site are independent and your donations and support allow them to keep bringing their music to you.

You are infinite, eternal energy.

You are one with all creation.

You are made from the very same atoms that created the universe.

You are brighter than ten thousand suns and you create your own reality through your thoughts, words and feelings.

Oh yes, and there is nothing you cannot be, do or have.

In this weekly show you can learn all about the statements above. If you love reading Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Eckart Tolle, Gregg Braden, Ernest Holmes, Thomas Troward or similar writers then I’m sure you’ll enjoy this show. Law of Attraction meets Cause and Effect.

Below you will find links to the podcasts of my radio show. Click on the image to go through to the relevant post page.

Say yes logo

In this show you will learn to open up and change the way you think about life. Expansion and the infinite possibility of life are your birthright, it’s time to claim them by saying “YES!” to life today.




beautiful just as you are

In this show you are invited to ‘Be You To The Full’ and recognise that you are beautiful, no matter what your body or your life look like. You are a radiant beacon of light, made of the love intelligence of the Universe.



let go droplet

Let Go and Live

In this show we ask some big questions about trust, faith, taking the leap and letting go. Click on the image to access the show page with all the links and musical information.


Thank you

Appreciation Grows

In this show I investigate the power of gratitude and bring simple tips to make appreciation active in your life every day.

New links are being added all the time as I pull in the radio archives from the past two years. Check back soon to see what new inspiration you can find.

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