Sleeping for Success

Monty is sleeping for success

Monty is sleeping for success

It is all to easy to get into the habit of not enough sleep and wear it like a badge of honour. If you want to optimise your performance and achieve your highest potential you need enough sleep and you need good quality sleep.

In my book Igniting Success Beyond Beliefs – How to get form where you are to your greatest yet to be I have an entire section in the chapter all about physical health and well-being dedicated to sleep, how to get more of it and how to set yourself up to get better quality sleep. If you consistently don’t get enough sleep it will have in increasingly detrimental affect on your physical and mental well-being. It is time to review your beliefs about sleep and start to give yourself permission for greater self-care.

Sleeping for Success in the Afternoon

Were you told that taking a nap in the afternoon was “lazy” or “something old people do”? I know several people who say they can’t sleep during the day, but when we drill down into why that might be, there is usually some programming from childhood that says it’s ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’. When I was a child I was only allowed to stay in bed during the day if I was sick, otherwise we had to be “up and at it”. But what if getting some extra sleep during the day was a good thing?

We need to take our lead from animals. If they are tired they sleep. Yet if we are tired, typically we try to “power through”, thinking that somehow makes us a better person. Wrong! I realise that you may not be able to take a nap in the middle of the day, but with a bit of creativity, perhaps you could.

You are your own expert

There are myriad opinions about what ‘enough’ sleep looks like. I think that depends on the individual. But don’t let that be an excuse for not enough sleep. Experiment with going to bed a little earlier, taking a nap during the day, or creating a bedtime routine that gets you more relaxed and better ready to sleep.

3 Essentials to a Better Nights Sleep

1. Don’t read the paper or watch the news just before going to bed. You do not want to take all that negative energy into your dream time.

2. Do take 10 minutes before going to bed to breathe deeply and consciously. Spend time deliberately relaxing and quietening your mind and body.

3. Once you are safely tucked up in your cozy comfy bed, use your amazing imagination to create calm peaceful situations. For example imagine yourself lounging on a beach, listening to the gentle lapping of the ocean, or imagine yourself floating on a perpetual lazy river. You get to create the kinds of situations that make you feel more relaxed and sleepy.

Remember – you are the expert on you. Experiment with different ideas to enable you to sleep better.

Listen to this week’s #MondayMeditation just before you are going to sleep to get you into that deep place of calm and peace.


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