Science of Mind and Spirit


Science of Mind and Spirit is a synthesis of world faiths and philosophies mixed with science and metaphysics. It is part of the New Thought movement and it is the root teaching behind all these famous teachers/teachings:

  • Louise Hay – an ordained minister and founder of Hay House
  • Terry Cole Whittaker – an ordained minister, author and leader in TV ministries
  • The Secret – Rhonda Byrne tithed a significant sum of money to Centers for Spiritual Living
  • Mary Morrissey – an ordained minister, and founder of Dream Builder Academy
  • Marian Williamson – author of A Return to Love

The video above was made by one of my great friends and collaborators, Brian Akers. It describes well what Science of Mind and Spirit teaches. Why am I telling you about it? Because it is the foundation upon which my life is based. I have learned a great deal through Ernest Holmes, founder of Science of Mind. I have also learned much from the classes, workshops and retreats I have attended through the New Thought global community.

If the message in this video speaks to you and you want to learn more about this philosophy drop me an email, we have classes, celebration services, spiritual gatherings and a wonderful global community.