What happened to Monday Meditation?

Social Media Meditating

Monday Meditation went fully video when Facebook started their live-stream option. In truth it was rather a while after they started, it took me a bit of time to catch up.  🙂  It has taken me even longer to figure out that I can easily post the video here to allow you to watch it even if you’re not on Facebook.

This is the first test, we’ll see how well it works:

Every Monday morning, at 7:23, I go live on Facebook and record a meditation. Its different every week, and it tends to be a little bit longer than the old audio of Monday Meditation that I used to do. If you’re already connected to me on Facebook then join me every Monday at 7:23 to get the live version. If not, be sure to subscribe to my email list to receive the link via email each week. Click here to sign up now.

This week’s #MondayMeditation is all about releasing comparison and judgement, as well as the usual deep relaxation kind of stuff.  Don’t worry, you can close your eyes, but just in case you don’t want to, the camera flips to a calming picture of sea and timber just as we start to meditate.



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