What ripples are you sending out?

Skimming stones


Just like the pebble, every time you touch down you create ripples. Every time you speak to a random stranger; every time you hold a dear friend as they weep; every time you laugh with a work colleague, you are creating ripples that make a difference in the lives of others.

So, when you touch down, what ripples are you sending out?

You may think nothing of these moments, but let me assure you they are valuable–to you and to the other people involved. Every touch, every word, every smile, every moment when your eyes meet another’s, is an important moment of connection and impact.

A couple of days ago I was out for my morning constitutional. I have a couple of regular walks that feed my soul. I walk at different times of the day, so I rarely see the same people. On this particular morning the sun was shining, the breeze was soft and soothing, and the sea birds were singing a gentle melodic accompaniment to my stroll. Ahead of me I saw a person sat on a rock overlooking to harbour. As I drew close I realised that it was an older woman, still dressed in her PJs, with a morning cuppa in her hand. Coming parallel with her I said good morning, she smiled and nodded in response. I felt a sadness around her, so stopped a moment. “This is such a beautiful location for a morning cuppa”, said I. “Yes”, she said, “I suppose it is.”

I have no way of knowing how that moment may have impacted her day. I simply followed my spirit, and took a fleeting moment to interact. I know that I felt better for taking that pause, and making the connection. That’s all we are called to do.

As we take time to notice the world around us, and to trust our oneness with it, the places we touch down, and the connections we make, become more frequent, and more impactful. The beautiful thing about this awareness is that we each get to decide what we do or say, and therefore we are consciously creating the ripples we send out in the world.

As you contemplate the ripples you are creating, I invite you to listen to this week’s guided visualisation. It will take you into a deeply relaxed state, and it will encourage you to a deeper awareness of your ability to affect change, create connections, and make a difference in the lives of the people around you.

Please feel free to download this guided track, share it with people who might benefit from it, or simply play it as often as your soul needs to hear it.

This is the first #MondayMeditation I’ve recorded in a couple of months. I have been deep in my own soul’s growth, knowing that something more is seeking to express through me. I value your feedback, it encourages me to improve and to keep putting my content into the world. Please take a moment to comment, share your experience, or let me know what subject you would love to have a guided journey for.

The inspiration for this idea of touching down comes from ‘Touchdown’, a new song written and recorded by my dear friend Denise Rosier, on her latest album, ‘Everyday’. Please take a moment to listen to Denise’s tracks, they are some of the most inspirational music around at the moment.

I also wanted to share with you this poem/prayer that came through me recently:

I wish…
I wish, as I walk my morning meditation, that you could hear the wind rushing, like a river in flood, through the scant branches of the fir tree.
I wish that you stood beside me to feel the gentle kiss of the breeze upon your cheek.
I wish that you, Beloved One, breathed with me that salt laden air and knew the delicious promise of life through each new breath.
And then I remember…
You are the wind, the fir, the kiss, the breath, the salt, the promise, the One Life.
You are the creator and the created. You are the impulse of all creative expression.
And in our unity you experience each one uniquely through me.
I bow my head in awe as I remember how so relentlessly loved I am by all that You are.
I speak my silent word of prayerful gratitude as my heart bursts open and the overflowing love pours down my face.

You are the place where the Infinite One becomes manifest in this finite world. You are not a drop in the ocean, but rather the fullness and wholeness of the infinite, eternal ocean in one perfect drop. Be kind to yourself today, you are so much greater than you think you are, and you are loved.





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